John Craton
Mongolian Folk Songs. A set of six fantasias based on Mongolian folk songs, originally for viola and orchestra. The viola was chosen as the solo instrument as it most closely approximates the range and timbre of the Mongolian morin-khuur. While stylistically Western, the music evokes the characteristic flavor of Mongolian folk songs of Central Asia. The movements are based on the songs “Mandakh naran” (Rising Sun), “Jiji hot” (Jiji Town), “Banchen sum” (Banchen Temple), “Temujin,” “Horgoi torgon deel” (The Brocaded Silk Deel), and “Uglee shaazgai” (Garrulous Magpie). In the final movement the viola at times mimics the famed khuumi technique of Mongolian throat-singing. The work was composed for and dedicated to German violist Jörgen von Hagen. This version is with piano reduction.

Pages: 38 pp., score; 13 pp., viola part; 8½ x 11½
Level: Advanced
Performance Time: App. 22 min.

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