Pablo de Sarasate
Les Adieux, op. 9.  The story is told (although likely apocryphal) that Sarasate, who never married, once proposed marriage to the youthful Marie Lefébure-Wély. Marie declined, Sarasate wrote “Les Adieux,” and he never mentioned her again. Whether or not this is a factual account, it is known that Sarasate dedicated the work to Mlle. Lefébure-Wély and that it is a very sentimental example of some of his early work. The present publication is edited by John Craton after carefully consulting the 1899 Janin Frères edition.

Pages: 7 pp. (piano), 2 pp. (violin pt.), 8½” x 11”
Level: Moderately advanced
Performance Time: App. 5 min.

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